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We would like to share with you examples of recent video projects, proudly produced for our friends at Spyder Sites and TheGivingMachine ...
Jon Strube
May 23rd, 2018
Written by Jon Strube
We love working with our clients to produce meaningful and engaging video content...

An introduction to TheGivingMachine

We have recently been working with TheGivingMachine to further expand upon their concept, proposition and brand, by introducing an illustration style and colour palette that sits nicely within their existing identity and which works across their mobile applications and desktop/browser software and website. Brilliant are responsible for creating TheGivingMachine style guide and have been asked to work on a new introduction video to introduce themselves and how their free fundraising service works to newcomers on the charity's website and social channels.

We worked with TheGivingMachine to script and story- board the sequences and animations. We recorded children voices to provide a appropriate voice over for the video, which we cut up in the final edit so every child's voice had a part.

Spyder Site Finder Explainer Video

Spyder asked us to create a promotional explainer video to coincide with the relaunch of their overhauled Site Finder software, also developed by Brilliant.

Our challenge was to visualise the many options and functions of the software, whilst keeping the video simple to follow and easy to digest. We worked with Spyder and together, created a script and storyboard. Once the first cut was completed we reconvened and discussed where edits could be made to further improve the flow of the video.

Creating the video gave us an opportunity to use Spyder's updated branding, which we're very pleased with! We used a rough voice over to help us pace the video and animation. This was then replaced for a professional voice over artist, adding the final touch to a great project.

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