Identity Design & Branding
A brand identity is the umbrella term used for various components that relate to a company, product or service such as; a company name, a logo, typeface, colour palette, strap line and imagery that create a visual tone and personality that will create an overall brand image which connects with potential customers.

The key to any brand identity is consistency, deviating from a brands identity could cause confusion to the audience. By setting style guidelines for a brand you can ensure that all marketing and communications follow the same rules and set the same tone. With consistent brand identity and messaging you are creating clarity of what is being offered.

The goal is to find elements that tell your story and engage people with who you are in a familiar and meaningful way. That means ensuring every time your brand elements show up, they are consistent in their appearance, use, size, scope, colour, feel, etc. Consistency allows your audience to build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer. This memory structure becomes the identity of your organization and can be invaluable.
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