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Get a sneak peak into some of Brilliants internal projects...
Jon Strube
August 30th, 2018
Written by Jon Strube
At Brilliant we love all things design and tech related, especially when something can really improve our day to day lives or can streamline our workflow and productivity in a significant way. Being efficient in some areas allows us the time to focus our attention on other areas and to do the things we really want to be doing.

We build software and applications for our clients that rapidly increase their productivity, effectiveness or efficiency such as:

... so, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that we build our own internal apps and tools that take care of the monotonous day to day tasks, so we can spend our time creating and developing.

Here's a little preview of some of them...

Journey Logger

journey logger
To help everyone keep track of their business mileage, we created a mobile app where we can input and manage our business trips, then at the end of the month output a report to accounts.

You can download the app for free on IOS and Android.

Brilliant Helpdesk

Brilliant Help desk
The Brilliant Helpdesk mobile app was developed as another way for us to communicate with our clients more effectively. By requesting support from the app, requests are put into our ticketing system, which are continuously monitored and priority ordered. The app also gives you info on the Brilliant team, how to contact individuals as well as server status and how to find us.

You can download the app for free on IOS and Android.

SPRK Content Management System

SPRK is our in-house content management system (CMS) and is the first piece of software developed by Brilliant. SPRK allows us to tailor bespoke, backend solutions for each client and the various demands their websites may have. The current SPRK system is now in its third iteration, having evolved over the years. We constantly update, test and improve the performance and security of the system. If you are already a Brilliant client, then you probably have some experience with just what SPRK can do.


Orbital is an internal application built within the SPRK framework. Orbital allows us to track and manage renewable services provided by Brilliant to our clients, such as website host accounts, domain names, third-party subscriptions, secure certificates and other SaaS licences, provided on behalf of our clients. Orbital not only allows Brilliant to keep track of billing but ensures that services never expire without notification.


To track and manage projects, time applied, costs and quotes, invoicing and expenses, Brilliant have utilised third party online software for years... until we decided that we could build something much better and cheaper ourselves.

We have recently completed and deployed Jobby! a slick and streamlined piece of online kit, that has removed all unnecessary incumbent features of commercially available apps and instead, focused on the tools that are useful and important to us. The interface design is simple and intuitive unlike the software we were used to! meaning that we spend less time on the complexity of fully features systems.

If there are aspects of your business workflow that you feel would benefit from online automation, then give us a call.

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