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KKDC is an established LED lighting manufacturer, designing and producing a wide range of specialist lighting solutions for high-end architectural markets worldwide.

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Shinning a Light
Their previous website build suffered from extremely poor loading times, which greatly affected their Korean facility, who could only gain access with a slow connection. It was critical that everything from the websites user interface design down to the CSS had to be kept as light weight as possible.

With strict brand guidelines in place, it was important that Brilliant observed and diligently maintained the KKDC identity throughout the website's graphical user interface. Brilliant set about redesigning the website structure and navigation aspects, allowing visitors to gain informed access to products, ranges, projects and downloadable content, quickly and efficiently, aided by a full width mega menu system.
Bespoke product filter control is fully configurable via the CMS, along with the ability to consolidate product data in single 'Range' pages, which give a simpler overview of products, important details and specifications, up front.

As an additional project, we were asked to build a code generator for their entire product range allowing clients to identify their exact product requirements.

Internal search reporting (via the CMS) gives KKDC added intelligence with regards to what terms visitors are searching on, thereby enabling KKDC to optimise the user experience.

__Creative Graphic User Interface Design (GUI)
__Online Application design and development
__Website Design and Development
__Multilingual configuration
__Responsive Design and Development
__Technical Support and Scheduled Maintenance
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