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Websites for Non-Profit Organisations

Established in 2004, Brilliant help not-for-profit organisations embark on or improve their supporter acquisition, engagement and retention via our website solutions. We are a confident team of creative and technical talent, based in East Hertfordshire, UK.

We will help your organisation...

  • find new supporters and growth opportunities online
  • create a website experience that encourages engagement and interaction
  • help key stakeholders become 'online' advocates

With research and a winning strategy

We provide quantitative and qualitative research, learning exactly what your potential customers and existing website users want. Equipped with clear understanding enables us to approach your project strtegically, set goals and ensure results are measurable.

By focusing on the user experience

Brilliant design and deliver website experiences that attract, engage and delight your customers. We will walk you through a visual user journey, simulatinf the experience, ahead of physical prototyping, refinement, testing and deplaoyment.

Ensure lifetime support

Your website must persistently maintain its reach with your target audience.
Brilliant provide both organic and paid search marketing expertise.
Additionally, proactive maintenance and technical support guarantees the ongoing success of your website.
Thank you for your enquiry, a member of the Brilliant team will be in touch shortly.

Alternatively, you can call us on:
01279 725358


To discuss your Brilliant website, call us on 01279 725358 or send us an email enquiry below…
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