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What a website needs

Here's a simple summary of three key services you will need once your website is designed and built.
You will need...

A home for your website
We call this Website Hosting. A 'host server' is the computer your website in built on which is securely connected to the internet. Just like your own home or a shop, you need to make sure your website hosting has a suitable capacity for the number of people visiting or using your website.

Brilliant will provide a secure website hosting package for you. As your website attracts more visitors (and therefore more enquires and sales!) we may need to upgrade your hosting. We can advise you on that.

You will need...

Someone to look after your website
We call this Website Maintenance & Technical Support. Again, like your own home or shop, you need ensure that someone is keeping your website up-to-date and compliant, fixing things quickly if they break and advising you when you want to change it.

Brilliant will provide a cost-effective website maintenance and technical support solution, to ensure your website remains in perfect running order.

You will need...

Assurances your website can be found
We call this Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Search engines require initial configuration which ensures your website is found by name, but further to this much more beneficial to see your website appearing in search result for phrases that 'describe' your services or products.

Brilliant will provide cost effective SEO options that will suit the market your website competing in.

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