Is A.I. Design all set to take over?

Is A.I. Design all set to take over?

With more than a few companies working on artificial intelligence products to revolutionize the design process, what does this mean for the future of the web and us designers as we know... us?
Will the future of the web be left down to robots and become void of any human conception?

A few companies have already taken the first footsteps towards this, boasting the use of A.I. to design and build stunning websites in minutes. As a designer of online products who is responsible for portraying a companies online presence with personality and professionalism, creating user led journeys to specific content and selling product and services... A.I. is a pretty scary concept.

'The Grid' was the first to announce they were working on an A.I. solution and started a crowd funding project to gain backing which made well over 5 million in funding and unfortunately fell short on delivery dates, I'm not even sure what the state of 'The Grid' currently is as a Beta is still to appear.

Companies like Wix and Firedrop have also produced 'A.I.' solutions where by you answer questions and the algorithm goes to work creating a layout and suggesting font and colour palette choices based on your answers along the way. You can edit any part of the website once it has been created just in case you feel like a change.

So far the results I've seen from these services seem very generic and lacking a deal of care, In fact if you removed the modern photography used in the demos then you're not left with much. The whole process feels like robots churning out websites on an assembly line.

These services are aimed at the small business owner though, the ones that thought they could either not afford to have a website or felt they didn't have the knowledge to create one, which makes sense.

It's early days yet but I'm sure this technology will become bigger, better and over whelm the industry very soon, meaning we will have to send people back in time to stop events from occurring, kill sky net and maybe melt a few terminators in the process.

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