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Responsive Website Design

It is important that your online presence caters to everyone no matter how they are viewing your content. With the multitude of devices out there, all with varying screen sizes and resolutions, it's good practice to make sure that potential customers and future clients see a professional, working product whilst receiving an amazing user experience... this is how you, your company or your product will be remembered. To make sure that your website, app or software works and reads well on all devices we put a lot of time and effort into responsive design.

Responsive design suggests that the design and layout of any website should respond to user behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. If you switch your device from portrait to landscape, you should be able to view the content as clearly as before, the same goes for looking at content on a desktop monitor and then looking at a smart phone, content shouldn't get smaller, it should rearrange itself to suit the environment.

The benefits of responsive design means that no matter how someone views your website, they are getting the best possible experience and the content is all from a single source which means constancy across all platforms. This saves time and money allowing you to concentrate on saying the right things and not having to repeat the process.

Brilliant create wireframe layouts for smart phone and tablets to make sure we have planned that the content will be readable and usable at these screen sizes. We test meticulously throughout development on numerous devices in house to ensure that the final product we present is fully polished and something we would be proud to use ourselves.
Brilliant Responsive Website Design
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