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Charity Website Design for The Giving Machine

TheGivingMachine is an online charity that converts the commissions earnt whilst shopping online into donations, you are then able to give to any cause of your choice from schools to charities and other community organisations for free.

  • Affiliate Commission Tracking System
  • Website User Experience (UX) Consultation
  • Interactive User Journey Walk-through Concepts
  • Creative Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design, Branding, & Iconography
  • Website Code Development and Testing
  • Bespoke, Content Management System (CMS)
  • Mobile App UI/creative consultation and Design
  • Marketing Video Creative Direction & Production
  • Proactive Website Maintenance & Technical Support

I have worked with Craig and his team at Brilliant for over 15 years.  In that time, numerous successful projects and designs have been implemented.  The blend of creative thinking and practical know how is, well just Brilliant :)

Richard Morris (TheGivingMachine)
Founder, CEO

Putting our spark into it

Shop&Give is an application that makes giving for free even easier by allowing you to shop online and generate donations, where ever you are.

Brilliant have worked in partnership with TheGivingmachine on their Shop&Give application since the very beginning. We where involved in branding the desktop tool bar application as well as producing the concept user interface for the very first iteration.

Brilliant were asked to help test and reskin the current desktop toolbar as well as the first version of the Shop&Give mobile application.

We evaluated early wire frame layouts and offer up improved user journeys and interface enhancements, whilst bringing the entire experience inline with the company's brand guidelines.

TheGivingMachine found that users were rather dismissive of the applications prompts so gave us the task of improving the appearance of the notifications to help engage users and increase clicks.

We produced many variations using bespoke illustration as well as focusing on scale, position and language.
With the good news that usage figures had increased thanks to our redesign, we were invited to redesign a new version of the Shop&Give mobile application.

With good knowledge of how users were interacting with the first version, we were able to strip the application back to the most important features and improve the navigation to retailers.

We continued to utilise illustration which aided the language and messaging as well as highlighting key features. We feel that we have given the application a personality it truly deserves.

We have also been fortunate enough to be involved in creating an introductory video, aimed at new visitors. We scripted, story-boarded and fully animated the entire piece with a consistent use of the illustration style.

The video needed to be created in a way that could be rendered in 16:9 and 1:1 ratios for social media as well as with and without subtitles.

The members of TheGivingMachine recorded their children reading the script which we edited over the top so everyone had a voice.

About TheGivingMachine and Brilliant - a short video message from Richard Morris CEO

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