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Email Marketing

Inception >> creation >> delivery >> analysis

Build relationships with your customers, engage and reengage with them with compelling news and offers they want to hear about.

An email can be a simple touch point or reminder that ensures you're always fresh in their minds. We can help you deliver the right marketing message, at the right time day and drive interest.

Supporting email marketing systems have the capability to speak uniquely and directly to your customers and can form a vital part of your online marketing strategy. We provide our expertise with tried and trusted delivery software. We measure and share results with you, configure and adapt to your customers preferences, while maintaining compliancy.

Brilliant work with you at every stage of your email marketing campaign, with a fully managed and supportive service that includes:

  • Conceptualising the campaign, ideas and strategy
  • Content Authoring
  • Creative wireframing, layout/design and build
  • Email client/web browser testing
  • Delivery Scheduling and monitoring
  • Campaign reporting and analysis

Email marketing is a genuine way to communicate to your existing customer base and learn more from them too -

Talk to Brilliant about getting started with email marking or getting more from your email campaigning.
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