The Web Design Museum
Showcasing over 900 websites and their design evolution... prepare for nostalgia overload.
Jon Strube
November 12th, 2018
Written by Jon Strube
The Web Design Museum was created by project founder Petr Kov?? after studying the history of computer technology and the Internet at university.

The purpose of the Web Design Museum is not to showcase as many websites as possible but to highlight a selection of key web sites that made a mark on the early days of the web by being either exceptional or original in terms of their visual style, impact or focus.

It's amazing to see how some brands have evolved their websites style and online brand over the decades such as Apple, Amazon and Google versus others who take choose to the more revolutionary route and completely redesign their online visuals such as Microsoft, Mailchimp and Skype.

Does anyone remember the SpaceJam website, the Million Dollar Homepage or the very early Netflix?

Apple 1998

Apple 2000

Apple 2009

Apple 2012

Apple 2017

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