Say it with Video
Say it with Video
We think video is awesome so here's why we think you should be creating and displaying good video content on your website...
Jon Strube
October 3rd, 2016
Written by Jon Strube
Here at Brilliant we're frequently turning more and more to video to help us explain certain things or convey messaging where other media simply falls short... and we recommend video content to you guys too!

Here's why...

Its attention grabbing
As a species, we seem to be programmed to pay attention to moving objects, is it simple curiosity or does it go deeper to our roots where something moving in the distance may have wanting to eat us? I don't have the answers, I'm a designer not an behavioral psychologist damn it! All I know is that if your site is moving, your visitors will be attracted to watch.

Get your point across quickly
I've said it before, you can say a hell of a lot without saying much in under a minute with video or animation. No one wants to read reams of text explaining what your business can offer them; put this into a short and direct video and it will have much more impact. Just remember to make the content applicable and appealing to your users.

Stand out from the crowd
It's unlikely your competitors have prominent video content on their websites as it's emerging as a great new marketing tool. Beat them to it and add good video content.

Let them in
By putting yourselves out there in video, you show more of your company's personality off. If it's a serious and professional business, with no room for comedy, make the videos reflect that. They'll soon have an idea how you view yourselves and your offering, and they're much more likely to remember what you're all about.

Oh... One last thing
If that's not enough to convince you then how about the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web with over 3 billion monthly searches!

A few examples:

On our own website we use video right on the home screen and It's a great way to show everyone a glimpse of who we are, some of the work we have produced as well as some studio shots.

We have used video on other parts of the website to expand on a projects deliverables or to completely replace a wall of copy.

Gifs are still cool, right?
Impressive film websites II
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