Life after launch

Life after launch

We don't leave our children to fend for themselves so why would you allow your website to... A live website is never a finished website...
So we have spent months working together, sculpting and finely tuning your new business website, we can finally press the "Go Button" and release it out onto the world in all it's glory... or maybe your website has been out there for a while now?

Which ever one you are, you should be asking yourself this question, what next?

Being the Brilliant lot we are, once a website is made live to the public we don't just leave it alone to fend for itself in that big 'ol internet, It's just the beginning for us.

We monitor, we maintain and we nurture absolutely everything, from the branding, to the content itself including blog and news posts, to key words and labeling, hell we even check on our own code to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

So if we are looking after your website, what is next? Well there is an awful lot you can contribute to help your website out perform the competition:

Adding & adjusting content
Keeping on top of your website content is crucial, Its quality over quantity, making sure what you're saying is relevant to your customers. You should be reviewing and evaluating copy regularly. Need help? Don't worry we're here!

Showing meaningful imagery
Using well shot photography or even illustrations helps to engage the eye and can save your visitors a whole heap of time reading a block of text to grasp a simple premise. Brilliant are always on hand to advise you to create memorable experience.

Offer up Video and Animation
Everyone loves to watch and with video you can say a heck of a lot in less than a minute. A truly considered piece of film can elevate a companies image in a flash (but please don't use flash, that would be bad).

Keep everyone up to date
Writing news posts and blog posts is hard work, we get it... even trying to find time to schedule a post can be difficult for most but It really is one of the best ways to keep your website up to date and your customers informed. If you haven't got the time, get someone else to do it, just make sure someone does it.

Make it visible to those who matter
Optimising your website is crucial and something that Brilliant focus on during development and pre-launch. By following a simple check list of to-do's we can help your website be found by the people you want to be found by. Once your website is live, we monitor and report back to our clients, often with advice on ways to improve certain search results.

Whether you're a Brilliant Client or not, you should always be evaluating your online presence, reading your content and questioning every click... because your visitors will be!

if you would like to discuss any of the above with us then we are more than happy to help.

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