Its good to talk

It's good to talk!

Is 'Live Chat' the untapped, lead-generating potential for your business?
Is 'Live Chat' the untapped, lead-generating potential for your business?

One thing you may have seen popping up all over the internet, particularly on business' websites, is the ability to talk directly to their team in real-time, via a 'Live Chat' window.

Texting and instant messaging is common place among us all, so I suppose a live chat feature is a natural interaction for business owners and their websites.

Many people have a strong dislike for speaking on the phone, particularly when you have to listen to lengthy speeches from automated, pre-recorded voices leading to infinite numeric menus and ultimately finding yourself in a queue for 20 minutes - all the while paying per minute for the privilege! And this is before you even get through to someone in the (wrong) department!

Live Chat serves to benefit both the business and the consumer in terms of website user experience.

For the consumer, it's fast and cost-effective, both parties have a much higher chance of understanding each other, it gives them time to think about their query/response and generally makes them feel more comfortable and secure.

For the business, it provides a speedy way of dealing with multiple queries at once, lowering call volumes and 'Agent' fatigue. A Live Chat Agent can learn and discover customer needs, without dealing with personalities first. It is also very beneficial when it comes to aspects of your business such as lead-generation and can greatly improve sales conversions, via a simple and alternative 'Call-to-Action' option.

You can assign your own team members (including yourself) as agents; and not just for sales, but for customer support and general enquiries also. Chat sessions can be transferred between agents should the enquirer need a specific 'department'.

It is easy to set up the monitoring software. This can be done with multiple team members (employees) or if resources are limited or cannot be committed, this can be outsourced easily to a dedicated, UK-based enquiry team - these guys can also cover when the office is busy, out of hours or it's the weekend.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch. Brilliant can help get you started.

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