How clients can guarantee a successful project from the get go

How clients can guarantee a successful project from the get go

If you're looking to approach an agency to work on a project, here are a few tips that will help everyone get to finish line still smiling...
So, your business requires new branding or maybe a marketing campaign, possibly a website or a mobile app and you need to approach an agency to work with you in making it a reality... before you start googling for web designers or pick up the phone, have a few things in place first.

Have a clear vision of the final objective and good way to explain or illustrate your requirement.

These first steps towards a brief will not only makes it clear to everyone of the intention of the project but will give everyone involved the confidence that a chosen direction will be the correct one.

Once you are ready to sit down and brief an agency, you should have a rough price range in mind that you would feel happy to spend on achieving the final product. Being transparent about your budget doesn't mean you will be quoted your top price, it simply allows an agency to offer up solutions that guarantee wont cost you more than you expected or flood the agency in overspent hours through scope creep.

If you already have established branding, then having the brand assets and usage guidelines ready to hand over will allow the project to get off the blocks in a timely fashion. The same goes for any company photography or illustration, if you haven't briefed the agency to create these as part of the project then have them prepared to hand over too.

Take your hands off of the wheel
The early stages of any design process are the most fun. This is where ideas are flowing from all angles and choices are made together. It's extremely important to be objective about concepts and design without trying to take over and become the designer, nothing good will come from it... we've seen it before.

Sit back and enjoy the experience, we guarantee that you will appreciate the end product and the agency a whole lot more.

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