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Announcement websites

Start-up businesses will instantly need to drive a stake in the ground in terms of a web presence. Sometimes, building a professional website is not a top priority, during the early days of establishing a business, but occupying the new domain name with essential information only, buys us some time.
A simple announcement website will establish a business in terms of branding, proposition content, contact details and call-to-action. The website address can then be rolled out and socialised ahead of a developing a lasting website solution.

An announcement website is much more useful than 'Website under construction' message! and is also cost effective to produce.

Search engines will begin to index the domain and the business can begin to connect into the web via essential web links. This approach ensures a firm foundation is laid for future website design and development.


Alp Spas

Alp Spas is a US spa bath manufacturer expanding into Europe. This website ensures that the European distributor has an established domain and contact point to accompany sale literature and social media sharing.
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